とうとう無料プランがなくなるのか…と思ったら、"Trial Plan"という名前で無料のプランも継続みたい。

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New plan names, business plan features, trial account change ― Beanstalk (excite翻訳

Changes to the free plan

With all of these changes, our goal was simple: bring more value to our paying customers without charging them more. Since we haven’t figured out how to print money yet, we needed to evaluate where all of our costs come from. A large portion of our time, server usage and support goes towards our free plans. While we love being able to offer our service for free, we also need to be sure it is not taking away from what we can offer our paying customers. By increasing the offering for our paying plans, we restructured the free plan, it will now be called a Trial account. Don’t worry though, it’s not timed, it’s still forever.

The new trial plan will still provide a free, private Git or Subversion repository and 100MB of space. Instead of 3 users there will now be one, but we have added 10 free deployments so customers can test out the feature before paying. This change is immediate. We have migrated all free accounts fitting into the Trial account automatically. The remaining free accounts will have 60 days to either upgrade to a paying plan or remove users.

With this change, we have also introduced a 15-day money back guarantee. You can now try a paying Beanstalk account at no risk. If in 15 days you are not happy with the service for any reason, you can contact support and we will refund you the monthly cost. Simple and easy, because we are sure you will love it.

New plan names, business plan features, trial account change ― Beanstalk

  • 新しい"Trial Plan"は、個人用、GitかSVN、100MB、1ユーザー、1レポジトリ、SSLなし。
  • "free"アカウントは"Trial"アカウントに自動的に「移住」された。
  • 残った(?)"free"アカウントは60日以内に、アップグレードするか、アカウント削除。

「but we have added 10 free deployments」がよくわからん… ⇒deployment toolsが10回分(?)使えるみたい。


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